man sitting on frozen lake looking at mountains

Steps for Restoring Sanity


Sit with it for a few minutes, and NAME THE FEELING
“I’m feeling ______ ? ________ (sad, angry, scared, dissed, happy, anxious . . . .)”
It’s easy to mistake the feeling. Don’t settle for the obvious. Take some time.

2. BE CURIOUS, even if you have to pretend to

No need to freeze, fight or flee. You want more information. Pay close attention to the feeling as it evolves
⎯  noticing that it does keep changing.
“Why now? What is it connected to? Is it familiar or different? What does it remind me of?”
Even, “OK, this is shitty, but what haven’t I noticed about it?]

3.  What OPTIONS and LIMITATIONS did Step 2 identify?

Don’t just wish you had better options or no limits. If necessary, start again.


Do whatever the right thing seems to be, for right now, letting go of the impossible. 
If doing nothing is your best option, choose it.

5. R & R & R

Get some REST, RECHARGE and REPEAT as needed (say, tomorrow).
Interesting problems take time. Tomorrow isn’t here yet.

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