Ken Pope

Ken Pope is the master gatherer and provider of critically useful information and opinion for psychologists. His site provides free access to a variety of articles from journals such as American Psychologist (currently 10 from this source); British Medical Journal; Journal of Consulting & Clinical PsychologyClinical Psychology: Science & PracticePsychology, Public Policy, & LawAnnual Review of Clinical PsychologyAmerican Journal of PsychiatryInternational Journal of Law & Psychiatry; and Professional Psychology: Research & Practice — as well as the complete contents of a book (Children, Ethics, & the Law).

It also provides other free resources such as:

  • links to psychology licensing laws and continuing education regulations in Canada and the United States along with contact information and related resources for each psychology licensing board in the two countries
  • over 100 ethics codes and practice standards for assessment, therapy, counseling, & forensic practice developed by professional organizations (e.g., of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, marriage & family counselors)
  • therapists’ guide to preparing a professional will
  • informed consent: professional standards, sample forms, & key references
  • a malingering assessment research update providing cites & summaries for malingering assessment studies that have been published in peer-reviewed journals from January, 2001, to the present
  • 22 kinds of logical fallacies in psychology
  • resources for therapists who are stalked, threatened, or attacked by patients
  • ethics in psychology: 7 essentials
  • recent Research on Assessing Risk of Violence: Studies Published in 2012 & 2013
  • over 100 online resources for torture victims, refugees, detainees, & asylum seekers
  • links to resources on boundary issues in psychotherapy: widely-used guides, stats, trends, research, & resources
  • links to resources for military personnel, their families, & those who provide services to them
  • over 300 cites of articles, books, and chapters on the controversy over psychologists and physicians participating in detainee interrogations
  • 8 bogus apologies: ethics, critical thinking, & language
  • 21 cognitive strategies to justify any unethical behavior
  • resources for finding health insurance and free or low cost medications (listed under “medication help”)
  • 7 common fallacies and pitfalls that plague psychological testing and assessment
  • forensic assessment checklist
  • sample agreement between expert witness & attorney
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