On Personal Experience (and not taking it personally)

You wake up, stand up, and there you are again. 
Standing at the center of the universe. 
(Just like everybody else.)

It’s a trick of the senses. Hard not to be at the center of your experience of the world. Your thoughts, feelings, talk and other actions, if there’s any movement at all, ripple outwards. 

But it’s mostly familiar and therefore OK. Been here, done this before, right? 
Or maybe not. 
Maybe look again. 

Imagine unfamiliar points of view, even, for example being responsible for the other end of a conversation. 

Of course it takes effort. 
A lot of attention to details. 
And persistently, repeatedly disregarding the obvious. 

Having an opinion is easy. 
Having a correct opinion is more difficult.  
But the hardest? —  paying very close attention while not having to have an opinion (at all).  

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